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Education Statutes
Education Statutes
Education Statute #: 72-53,111
Title:School districts not required to provide certain persons educational services in regular school setting; alternative placement to be offered.
Text: (a) A school district shall not be required to provide any person who has attained 19 years of age and who is not currently enrolled in the school district with educational services in a regular school setting. If a school district elects not to provide such person with educational services in a regular school setting, the school district shall offer the person educational services in an alternative setting or an alternative educational program. The educational services or educational program provided any person as an alternative to regular school placement shall be designed to provide the person with the opportunity to satisfactorily complete the course requirements of the state board of education necessary for graduation from high school. (b) Whenever a school district provides educational services or educational programs to persons as an alternative to regular school placement, such persons shall be subject to the same requirements, terms and conditions of law, rules and regulations and district policies as are applicable to persons in regular school placement. (c) The foregoing provisions of this section do not apply to persons who have been determined to be exceptional children, except gifted children, under the provisions of the special education for exceptional children act. Such persons shall be subject to the provisions of their respective individualized education programs. History: L. 1997, ch. 130, § 1; July 1.